Sunday, August 05, 2012

‘Open carry’ gun lawsuit against Warren settled

To Jeffery Haman, his holstered handgun is like an American Express card. He doesn’t leave home without it.

 The Warren resident who claims four of the city’s police officers violated his constitutional rights to openly carry a firearm has settled his lawsuit against the city.

 Haman, 54, sued Warren last year in U.S. District Court and initially sought a $100,000 judgment and $500,000 in punitive or exemplary damages. He recently agreed to accept $5,000. More importantly, he said, the city’s police officers will undergo training about “open carry” practices.

 On Aug. 25, 2009, Haman was walking from a local drug store on 12 Mile at Hoover roads with his semi-automatic pistol holstered at his waist, when a patrolman drove up to him quickly. Haman said the officer pointed a pistol at him through an open passenger window and then came to a stop. Haman said he immediately raised his hands.

The Warren man was ordered to lie on his stomach, hands stretched to his sides. He was handcuffed and three additional officers in two patrol cars arrived. Haman said that when he asked officers why he was stopped, one pointed out that he was walking down the street with a gun.

 Haman said he was legally practicing “open carry.”

 Police took his .45-caliber handgun and ammunition, and asked if he had documentation for the weapon. Haman said he showed a purchase receipt and a concealed-weapon permit, which is not required for open carry.

 In a police video of the incident, an officer is heard telling Haman: “You should at least call us and tell us what you’re doing. Walking around like this is just going to get you hurt somehow.

“You’re just asking for trouble, brother.”


Note:  Another city settles and agrees to train its officers to respect the Constitution.

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