Sunday, August 12, 2012


GA: Gunshop owner shoots three invaders:  "At least one person is dead and two have been injured after the owner of a gun store was robbed early this morning and shot at the intruders during the break-in, officials said.  The victim has been identified as 20-year-old K'Raven Aude Goodwin [Above] of Eastover, S.C. According to officials, Goodwin died from multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival at the Georgia Health Sciences Medical Center in Augusta, Ga. The business owner, Stephen Bayazes Jr., who reportedly lives in the rear of the business, reportedly heard a loud crash and the store alarm went off, police said. He then went to check on the store, and said he found three males in the store, police said.  "That's when there was gunfire," Feemster said. Feemster said Bayazes advised police that one of the suspects verbally threatened him with death when they saw him, and Bayazes stated he then began shooting at the suspects. The business owner was not injured, he said."

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