Saturday, October 05, 2013

Rifles to be Banned Under new California Law on Governor Brown's Desk

Photo by Oleg Volk, Rifle is a Remington model 8

SB-374 is the bill on Governor Brown's desk that would ban most centerfire hunting rifles in California that are semi-automatics.  It is clear that this is another long slide down the slippery slope of gun confiscation.  I say ban, because anyone who bothers to consider it can see that gun registration is gun confiscation in slow motion.

Here is a short list of additional rifles that will be required to be registered.  The legal supply will be cut off.  No more will be legally allowed into the state.  Notice that attempts to appease those who push citizen disarmament by making it difficult for the rifle to take magazines of more than 3 or 4 rounds, such as the Browning BAR, were not enough to keep the rifle off the list.

These are only the examples that I thought of in a short time.  I am sure that there are many that I am missing.

Browning BAR

Remington 740, 742, 750, 7400 rifles.

Some Remington model 8, or 81 rifles, many were modified to take detachable magazines.

Ruger 99/44

Winchester 1907

Bennelli R1

Kel-Tec SU-16

M1 carbine


Saiga rifles


Heckler & Koch HK-SL6, HK-SL7, HK-660, HK-770

Ljungman m/1942

Tokarev SVT-40, SVT-38

Jaeger AP70 in .32 acp

Nearly all semi-automatic  rifles that use a simple tool to remove the magazine.
This was aimed at the so-called "bullet button" California legal rifles.

It appears that nearly all pistols with a threaded barrel are also banned.  This includes such popular pistols as:

Many of the popular Ruger 22/45 series

Many Walther P-22 pistols

Many HK-USP pistols

Here is a Link to the existing California Assault Weapon Identification Guide.

Looking at the many useful and well made firearms that have already been essentially banned in that state shows that appeasement does not work.

Those who want to disarm the citizenry are not interested in stopping crime.  Rifles are used in less than 3% of homicides.  Hands and feet are used to kill twice as many.    These people are not about reducing crime.  They want to disarm anyone who does not answer to their orders.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Don't all pistols have at least one end of the barrel threaded?
How else would a barrel be secured to the firing chamber?


Anonymous said...


Dean Weingarten said...

Some barrels are press fit. I think the .22 Rugers are.

A few barrels, in some .22 rifles, are machined as part of the receiver assembly.

Quite a few barrels are simply dropped in the the assemply, such as Glocks and 1911 type pistols.

Anonymous said...

a threaded barrel is for use with a flash hider or suppressor (silencer) barels do not thread into handguns. in semi autos they are not attached at the back typically.