Friday, May 16, 2014

3D Printed Zig - Zag Revolver by Yoshitomo Imura (Tank Gun MKI)

Screen Shot, not a Video

This ingenious revolver was made to fire blanks in Japan.  The inventor, Yoshitomo Imura, was recently arrested.  He claimed that he did not believe that he was doing anything illegal.  The video at this site shows the construction of the revolver and shows it firing blanks.   This validates my earlier suspicions that it was firing blanks, and not real ammunition.  From the earlier article:
They appear to be firing crude blanks, or perhaps homemade ammunition of some kind.  The recoil in the video is suspiciously straight back, with virtually no rotation, indicating that it may be simulated.
Here is the latest video on the revolver:

As the commentator in the video notes, the revolver "appears" to be reliable.  Remember that videos are easily edited, and that inventors are seldom willing to put less than flattering tests before the public eye.

It is certainly interesting, and is a worthwhile example for hobbyists everywhere to study.  It would be very simple to make a hybrid revolver of this type, using steel tubes as chambers/barrels, with the tubes glued into current holes that make the barrels/chambers in this printed version.  If that were done, the overall diameter of the "cylinder" could be reduced to make it less awkward. 

The design has many advantages, being simple and robust.   A metal backplate could reinforce the frame and distribute recoil forces from steel barrels.  A simple washer might be enough.

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Anonymous said...

It's almost definitely firing live ammo in this video. It shows considerable recoil that would be hard - if not impossible - to simulate with blanks.