Saturday, May 24, 2014

DOJ Watches Gun Watch

I am glad to see that someone at the Department  of Justice is watching Gun Watch.   This was in the morning, perhaps before work.   Our mission is to inform people about events that the old media is not much interested in.   I cannot think of a better audience than those at the Department of Justice.

At an hour's worth of viewing, it appears that they were interested.   The location is listed as the District of Columbia, so we can hope that it was someone higher in the bureaucracy than out in the rest  of the country.   

The more people are informed of the facts, the better.  The first page looked at was the article dealing with the proposed New Jersey hunting rifle ban that is on Governor Christie's Desk.    After six page views, the person exited Gun Watch to a link of a story about a woman defending herself with a handgun in Texas.

If the New Jersey bill becomes law, it will face a court challenge.   It is hard to see how banning  the possession of a huge number of the most common rifles in the nation is not a major infringement of the right to keep and bear arms.

Perhaps the DOJ is doing some research into the law and its effects.  Or, perhaps someone at the DOJ simply wants to be informed.

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