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OK:Override of Governor Fallin Gun Bill Veto Passes Both Houses

Governor Fallin, (R) Oklahoma, vetoed a number of bills in what has been described as a "tantrum" on the 29th of April.  The Oklahoma House overrode the veto of HB2461 on May 4th.   It was then reported that the Senate would not vote on veto override.

HB 2461 is a "shall sign" law that requires Chief Law Enforcement Officers (CLEOs) to allow Oklahoma residents to pay the $200 tax necessary to obtain class III NFA items, which primarily concern gun mufflers, short barreled rifles and shotguns, and automatic firearms.  This follows a trend in other states to require CLEOs to process the necessary paperwork.  Arizona and Kansas recently passed similar measures.  It passed the Oklahoma House 92-1 and the Senate 46-0.

The power of grass roots was demonstrated.   A source informs me that they sent this message to their Senator:
It has been reported that Senate Leadership "has no plans" to bring to the floor a vote to override the Governor's recent veto of HB2461, even though the House has already voted overwhelmingly to override.

I'm curious, because my reading of the Oklahoma Constitution does not appear to authorize this course of action. Indeed, Article 6, Section 11 of the Oklahoma Constitution says that after the chamber of origin votes “it shall be sent, together with the [Governor's] objections, to the other House, by which it
shall likewise be reconsidered.” (emphasis added).  The word “shall” specifically disallows the reported plan to not pursue  a veto override; indeed, it demands that you do so.

Can you please help me understand the apparent contradiction here between what the Constitution demands, and the Senate's reported course of action?
The next day, this reply came back.  The name has been removed by request:
Thank you for contacting Senator ******** and sharing you concerns about HB2461.

HB 2461 VETO Override was voted on this morning and passed 39-0
We cannot know how many people emailed their senators.  The Tulsa World reported that there were no plans for an override veto.  Plans change with events. The vote was taken.  The veto has been overridden.

The vote was recorded here.  Perhaps the Governor's other vetoes will also be overridden.

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