Thursday, May 29, 2014

CA: Legislature Moves to Make Home Manufacture of Guns Illegal

California Bill AB-1609 has already passed the Assembly.  It prohibits Californians from obtaining firearms in other states unless they are transferred through a federal firearms dealer.   In this it essentially duplicates existing federal law.   There are exceptions for licensed manufacturers and estates.  The law is not easy to read, because it refers to dozens of existing California statutes.   California firearms law is already a complex maze that can take considerable study to understand.

One major change in the law that is significantly different from Federal law is this section:
(g) As used in Sections 29010 to 29150, inclusive, “firearm” includes the unfinished frame or receiver of a weapon that can be readily converted to the functional condition of a finished frame or receiver.
 It seems that this bill would outlaw people making their own firearms.  It has never been illegal to make firearms for your own use that are not contraband.  California has been transforming into a state where "everything that is not allowed is forbidden", instead of the default American standard of "everything that is not forbidden is allowed".

This bill would move California  another step down the path of prohibiting legal possession of firearms except for those that are subject to immediate confiscation by the state.  California has been expanding the definitions of those who are prohibited from legally possessing firearms and has appropriated considerable funds to special teams to go around the state confiscating firearms when a person becomes a prohibited possessor.   Last year, California passed a law requiring the registration of any long guns that are purchased.

As noted, gun registration is gun confiscation, because once the guns have been registered, the government can take them whenever it is deemed expedient or necessary to do so.

California is one of only six states that does not have a provision to protect the right to keep and bear arms in its constitution.

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Anonymous said...

Just don't tell anyone.

Anonymous said...

and to this I say good. California gun owners are some of the laziest I have ever met. you continue to vote the one party system, you deserve everything you get.