Sunday, May 25, 2014

David Codrea: Ohio Police Joke about Shooting Open Carry Activists

David does more great work with this article:

A recent Facebook discussion between presumptive Ohio police officers lends a chilling twist to the recent controversial Texas Chipotle open carry story, one that recalls a similar police attitude from a few years back, and one that endangers law enforcement as well as citizens, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine was told today in a letter both mailed by this correspondent and communicated to him online.

“I am writing to express concern that Ohio law enforcement is not receiving proper training regarding the duty of sworn officers to respect and protect the right of the people to openly bear arms in public,” DeWine was told. “Some have exhibited ignorance on occasion, as well as contemptuous attitudes that endanger the public and may create blowback. I am also offering a solution to help ensure the law is observed and that dangerous situations and unwarranted responses will not be initiated by the authorities.”

Those attitudes included laughing about double-tapping the open carriers, a term gun owners recognize as the placing of two shots into a target in quick succession. That recalls a similar comment made years back by a California police detective laughing about shooting open carriers and then getting two weeks off, and further laughing because the legal climate in California denies concealed carry permits to so many.

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