Friday, May 30, 2014

Online Poll: Should Concealed Pistol Permit Holders Carry Guns in Schools?

A poll in a Michigan newspaper is asking the following question: Should concealed pistol permit holders carry guns into schools?

The responses allowed are:

Don't know
Don't care
  (6 votes)
  (7 votes)

This is typical of online polls involving Second Amendment supporters. It measures the ratio of those who are interested enough to answer an online poll. The results fit comfortably in the range expected, with Second Amendment supporters outnumbering those who push for more restrictions by 3-10 to 1. In this case it is a comfortable 4-1 ratio.  What is interesting in this poll is that it includes the potentialy emotional trigger of guns in schools.  Those who want more restrictions on guns have attempted to set up a taboo: no guns in schools.  In fact guns have been commonly associated with schools up until the Bush and Clinton gun bans in and around schools in the 1990's.   Even with the emotional trigger in place, we still get a 4-1 ratio in favor of second amendment supporters.

Here is the link to the poll at the

Second Amendment supporters are typically better informed and more involved than those who wish for more restrictions on citizens access to firearms.

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Update:  votes as of 7:43 pm Central time on 30 May, 2014


Total Votes: 2,292

Update: votes as of 20:57 pm Central time on 5 June, 2014

Total Votes: 2,340

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Why not? Because their are kiddies present? I live in Florida and carry concealed at the beach which is loaded with kids in the summer. I just don't get the stupid reasoning to oppose this.