Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dave Workman: Local Cease Fire President Admits Laws Would Not Have Stopped Shooting Spree

In a stunning acknowledgement Thursday morning during the last half-hour of KVI’s John Carlson show, the head of Washington CeaseFire said that there probably is no law that could have prevented the Santa Barbara spree killing.

CeaseFire President Ralph Fascitelli stated that, “I don’t know of anything…that could have been done to prevent this tragedy in Santa Barbara.” It is an admission that could come back to haunt him and the gun prohibition lobby later this year as the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility pushes Initiative 594, the 18-page gun control measure with a so-called “universal background check” at its core.

Fascitelli said he also wants Washington’s “shall issue” concealed carry law to revert to a “may issue” scenario with family interviews before a carry license is issued. He also asserted that the reason people visit gun shows is so they can purchase firearms without background checks.

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