Tuesday, May 20, 2014

GA: Restaurant Changes Mind, Welcomes Gun Carriers

In a scenario that has recurred all over the nation, a restaurant in Georgia briefly put up a "NO GUNS" sign, became educated, and took it down.  This is the usual course of events that has occurred as antiquated gun laws have been reformed.   Georgia recently passed  a bill that reformed one of the last laws in the nation that forbid armed citizens from eating in restaurants that also serve alcohol.  Louisiana passed a similar reform shortly after, becoming the 50th state in the nation to have this freedom.   From wrdw.com in Augusta, Georgia:
"I come up and see a sign on your door that says you don't allow weapons, I'm going to honor your sign, but then I'm also not going to come into your establishment," that's how Jennifer Seymour feels about a no gun rule that was recently reversed by T-Bonz steakhouse.
Jennifer sent an email to the restaurant, who then reconsidered their position:
The restaurant's Facebook page says the sign was meant for irresponsible gun owners, but then realized a sign wouldn't really stop careless carriers.
I watched this same scenario play out in Arizona, and  then across the nation.  As people stop to think about firearms and real situations, they stop reacting emotionally to the bombastic hypotheticals put forward by those pushing for more restrictions on armed citizens.  Then logic kicks in and they do the responsible thing.   The signs come down.

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Chip said...

My basic message to any store owner that plans to put up a "no guns" sign:

(1) The people who will voluntarily comply with your "no guns" sign are not a threat to you, your staff or your customers.

(2) The people that are a threat to you, your staff or your customers are not going to obey the sign.