Thursday, May 29, 2014

Stranger: Peer Reviewed Studies Show; TV Increases Violence

I suspect that TV only increases violence if you start with a peaceful society.   Most pre-industrial societies were very violent.

I stopped counting the peer reviewed and published studies linking small screen violence a decade ago, when the total reached 4,000. Except for denials by industry figures, and a Network funded “study” at notorious study mill, there has been no attempt to refute what has advanced from hypothesis to settled science. Interpersonal violence on the small screen makes us more violent.

Yet after more than 50 years, actors, producers, studio executives, and others linked to the industry continue to deny the facts.

It is easy to see why television violence might have long lasting effects. Very young children are “rasa tabulae,” blank tablets, ready for the experiences of life to mold them into whatever they may become. Many of those innocents regard the “glass teat” as an extension of reality. And what they learn is “Violence is a success strategy.”

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