Friday, May 30, 2014

David Codrea: 'News' team drops all pretenses of objectivity with gun violence awareness month

Another excellent article by David Codrea:

A New York television station’s news programming has dropped all pretenses of unbiased reporting and relegated itself to being a purveyor of anti-gun propaganda.

“PIX11 is taking a stand against gun violence,” the station announced in a commercial promoting its involvement “teaming up with local leaders and the families of victims to make June gun violence awareness month.”

“PIX11, where every story hits home. Some more powerful than others,” the voiceover announcer intones on a commercial that begins with the assertion, presented as a given, that there are “too many guns.” Their intent here could not be clearer: Get rid of guns.

“A special thank you to WPIX, who have said that they will cover the things that are being done in communities,” New York City Council member Jumaane D. Williams said at a ceremony on the steps of New York City Hall. Williams, to put things in perspective, is someone who thinks New York’s draconian anti-gun edicts are merely “a good first start.”

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