Wednesday, May 28, 2014

John Lott: US one of Lowest Female Homicide Rates in World

It seems doubtful that Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action could even make this comparison across all countries. The UNODC data allows you to break down murders by the sex of the victim and by whether firearms are used, but it doesn’t allow one to simultaneously identify homicides by both the sex of the victim and the method of murder. ]

So let’s breakdown homicides by the victim’s gender. Moms Demand Action’s claim doesn’t make much sense as one shouldn’t compare the number of homicides since that doesn’t account for differences in population size. There are a lot of small population countries. It would make much more sense to compare homicide rates. This figure from the UNODC shows that the US has one of the lower female homicide rates in the world.

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Anonymous said...

The stated facts might be way off base but actual data makes a similar point, women in America suffer disproportionately vs. men.

Murders in 2012 reported by FBI UCR
Husbands 96
Wives 498

Boyfriends 168
Girlfriends 494