Saturday, May 31, 2014

HI: Edward Peruta Endorses Joe Kamaka for Hawaii State Senate

Edward Peruta, became famous because of the lawsuit that bears his name.   The Ninth Circuit decision brought "Shall Issue" concealed carry permits to California, Hawaii, and the territory of Guam, though the issue is still being challenged in the courts.

He has endorsed the son of a Marine sargent that he knew in combat for the State Senate.  In this Youtube video, Edward Peruta talks to Hawaii state senate candidate Joe Kamaka.

The elder Kamaka was Edward Peruta's sargent in Vietnam, who Peruta credits with saving his life.   From
To the voters of Maui,

I recently had a conversation with Hawaii candidate Joseph Kamaka, who is running for a seat in the Hawaii State Senate.

Here is a link to the conversation:

My connection to Joe and his family is through his father Joseph Mamoa Kamaka who I knew in combat.

I thought I would share my conversation and ask the voters on Maui to support him this November.

Attorney Rachel Baird and I began a live cable access program called Summary Judgment which is also streamed live in real time on the internet at:

You can also see previous shows at

I will be following his run for the Hawaii Senate

Mahalo and stay safe,

Edward A. Peruta
While endorsements from organizations that support the Second Amendment are common, it is unusual to find one from an ordinary citizen that gained his fame from a lawsuit to enforce second amendment rights.

Perhaps this is the start of a trend.

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