Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Americans For Responsible Solutions Makes offer, Reneges (Giffords,Kelly anti-gun)

Americans for Responsible Solutions Pac, the political fundraising group created to turn Gabby Giffords tragedy into a way to raise money and disarm Americans, made what I thought was a very reasonable offer.

I was alerted to the offer by a member of the Arizona Citizen Defense League (AZCDL).   In short, Mark Kelly's group says that they will send you their latest propaganda book for a donation of any amount.

I'll tell you more about the book itself in a second, but here's our offer.

Contribute ANY amount you think is fair to support our work at Americans for Responsible Solutions, and we'll send you a copy of our book before it's even in stores.


We know that some people might contribute less than the book costs, and that's OK.

The suggestion from the email author was that a donation of 2 cents be made, as the book probably cost about 50 cents to print and a buck to deliver.

As shown in the screenshot above,  two cents was not accepted.   So much for the truthfulness of the "Any amount you think is fair" statement.  Another AZCDL member said that the lowest he could make it work was one dollar.  That would recoup most of the cost of printing and shipping... but that is not all.

As one of the officers of AZCDL warned:
ANY person who donates to these groups will also be counted as a member or supporter when they tell the media or Congress how much support they have. And, they WILL sell your information to other organizations and vendors.
They more than likely would make more than enough money to cover book printing and shipping by selling your information. In my offer.  I did not give them a telephone number, and the email address was one I could easily monitor for spam.

 I doubt that there is any useful information in this book.  I would not spend more than two cents for it.  I certainly thought that the two cent offer was fair, considering that they want to use the money to undermine my rights and the Constitution.

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Anonymous said...

Their book web site would not accept an offer of $0.01 for the book.