Wednesday, September 24, 2014

TN: Armed "Good Samaritan" Defends Self, in the Middle of a "Domestic"

In this case reported from Antioch, Tennessee, a domestic argument ends with a stranger being drawn into a potentially deadly encounter.     The accused and a woman were arguing, and the accused told her to to get out of the car on the Interstate.   A stranger, seeing a woman walking on the Interstate, stopped to ask if she needed help.   Shortly after, the accused came back, stopped, drew a pistol and pointed it at the two.   The stranger drew his own gun, words were exchanged, and the accused drove off.   No shots were fired.

Talk to any police officer, and they will tell you how nasty domestic situations are to intervene in.   You never know what might happen, because emotions and adrenalin are surging.  Alcohol and/or drugs are often involved.  It is not uncommon for the person you think you are protecting, to turn on you and attack you.   In this case, the article implies that the woman was Dunn's wife, but it does not clearly say so.   From
No shots were fired, and no injuries were recorded.
According to previous records, Dunn has allegedly pulled a gun on his wife before and physical altercations have occurred.
The stranger could not know that he was stepping into the middle of a domestic dispute.   My policy is to avoid involving myself in the affairs of consenting adults, unless it seems absolutely necessary to prevent death or serious bodily harm.  

It stems from an experience where I came very close to shooting a man.   I was married, and my wife and I had invited a woman, who said that she was abused, into our home.   Her boyfriend showed up and flattened two of her tires with a large, pointed tool, as we watched.  He shouted grievances and obscenities at the house.   I defended the door with a .357 magnum.   Two weeks later, they were back together; two years later, they were married.

From the research that I have read, most domestic violence situations are not one sided, but are a "dance of mutual destruction".   You do not want to be drawn into that maelstrom.

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The news video showed the gunmen on the ground, firing, then crawling away wounded, he may have died.

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