Saturday, September 13, 2014

PA:Armed Homeowner Drives of Burglar

The incident happened around 1:00 a.m. on the 1500 block of Elbridge Street.

Police say the homeowner fired a shot at the suspect who did not fire back.

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Wireless.Phil said...

I'm ranting:

Consider this, if there were no murders to report, no shootings to report, no guns to blame for killings, no car crashes, includung trucks, no natural disasters, no accidental explosions, no train wrecks, no ship, boat sinkings or people drownings, what would be left to report?
Good news gets boring, fast.
The news media, TV news too, need all that I've mentioned and a lot more of it to sell papers, keep people watching local and national news so money can be made from companies who want to advertise to us.

Its just one big viscous cycle thats gotten worse with cable news and internet news feeds!
Think back 40 or 50 years ago, we never had the news available to us that we have today.
Sure, we had radio and mostly local TV, but getting national news locally was rare.
There are no more gun killings now than there was back then!
You just here more of it now because of all the news feeds.
All the things I've mentioned sell news, and sell advertiser products.