Tuesday, September 16, 2014

OH:Private Buyers Compete for Guns at Toledo Turn In "buy back"

I missed the notifications of this 8 September 2014 event.   It seems that those notifications are coming closer and closer to the event date, almost as if those conducting the events do not want anyone to do any pre-planning.   Toledo has a checkered history of police bullying private buyers and sellers.   Buckeyefirearms.org did a great job of exposing this last year, with four videos:  Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, and Video 4.  It did not matter much.  There were plenty of private buyers there this year.

This year, the police seem to have learned more about the law.  Maybe it was the bad publicity.  Here is what the Toledo Blade reported:
In addition to attracting people willing to trade in their guns for cash, the buyback drew private gun buyers and collectors who were willing to pay people cash.

Larry Lorms of Columbus was willing to offer more than $50, possibly $300 to $400, depending on the model, age, and condition.

 They even reported that the police had no problems with the private buyers:
Sergeant Madison said she was aware of the buyers outside the church.
“That is their right to be there. We are not concerned about them,” she said. “Our mission is to provide a service to our community. We are not trying to pressure people to get rid of guns they want to keep.”
I have not seen how many private sales were conducted.   Last year the turn in event brought in at least two nice S&W revolvers.   A total of 185 guns were collected, and 90 pounds of ammunition!

Some private sales were conducted last year:

No numbers yet for the 2014 event.

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Wireless.Phil said...

I wonder, how many weapons can be given to movie prop companies who will clean, repair and make them nonfunctional just to add them to the company collection.

Sure, someone has to pay for the transfer, but better than destroying them.