Wednesday, September 17, 2014

OH:Open Carry Walk in Vermilion

Ohio Carry organized another open carry walk on Saturday, the 13 of September.  This was part of their ongoing effort to educate the public about their constitutional rights in Ohio.  Note the completely different image from what the Bloomberg media campaign is trying to craft for open carriers.  From the in Vermilion:
 In an effort to educate the public and combat stereotypes surrounding gun rights, Ohio Carry’s Northeast and Northwest chapters hosted a joint open carry and firearm education walk in Downtown Vermilion Sept. 13.

Ohio Carry, founded in 2012 as a firerm rights, advocacy and education group, consists of five chapters in Ohio and has hosted walks in Akron, Cleveland and Canton. The group has done around a dozen walks this year, and the most recent in Vermilion was the city’s first.
The group did not shy away from the carry of long guns on the walk in Ohio, but were careful to insure that the rifles were slung and not pointed at anyone.  This is a classic demonstration of strong, political, symbolic speech.

The walk proudly proclaims "I have rights that government may not violate."  "The Constitution means what it says."   "The second amendment is meant as a limitation on the government."  

These types of walks are spreading, from Texas, to Arkansas, to Ohio.  Only in California has the state dared to make them illegal once they started, and that action led to the Peruta decision that requires the state to issue concealed carry permits.   In numerous states, such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, Ohio, and Arizona, open carry activism preceded the establishment of shall issue concealed carry laws.

This type of activism goes around the tight control on information flow in the old media.   To see how it works, read "Rise of the Anti-Media", a scholarly book by Brian Anse Patrick.

There is video at the link.

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Wireless.Phil said...

The Journal is a failing paper. Bankrupt several times, tries to get page clicks to drive up their ratings to win top honors for the area. You even have to click AGAIN, to comment or read the comments.

The printing presses are less than a 5 minute walk from where I live.

Ok, besides that, the Elyria Chronicle 6 miles south never bothered to cover this news.

In any case I'm glad you brought it to my attention.