Sunday, September 28, 2014

Challenging "Gun Free" Zones at the GRPC

Dr. John Edeen, above spoke as part of a panel on targeting "Gun Free Zones".   Dr. Edeen was not always part of the gun culture.   He grew up in New Jersey, but now practices medicine in San Antonio, Texas.

He started taking colleagues shooting, and talking about the dangerous "gun free" policy of the hospital where he works.   He ran into considerable opposition, but over the course of time, he has converted many.   He says that he has obtained over 400 signatures from coworkers on a petition for the Hospital to change its policy.

Massad Ayoob pointed out several instances where armed citizens had stopped mass shootings;  Chris Byrd, the author, gave an update on school districts who are arming teachers and staff in Texas.   Over 40 are doing so to date.

Argyle Independent School District (ISD) has posted these signs, which Chris showed to the conference attendees.

Gun Free Zones are becoming less popular than they once were.   Dr. Edeen noted that he received a large increase in signatures after Dr. Lee Silverman used his personal sidearm to stop the killing at Fitzgerald Hospital this last July.

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