Sunday, September 21, 2014

NV: Vet wins Gunfight with 15-Year-Old Attacker

Gunshot Holes on each side of Window

In this defensive gun use in Las Vegas, a veteran defends his family from a frontal attack.   The attacker is a 15-Year-Old boy, who shoots through the front door.   Fortunately, the attacker has never practiced door breaching techniques.   The gunshot holes are not even close to the door lock or hinges.  It was repored that the shots went through  the kitchen, narrowly missing the father of the former friend.   Perhaps the shooter was aiming for the father.

The attacker is known to the victims.  The 15-Year-Old had been camping with a 14-Year-Old who lives at the home.  The 15-Year-Old had been in the house before.  No motive is given, but it is clearly a premeditated attack.  The 15-Year-Old concealed the weapon, almost certainly a shotgun, given the distinctive holes in the door.  We do not know the loads used, but almost any load will make a similar sized hole from a shotgun at point blank range.   27 year old Army veteran Shaun Cooper, brother of the 14 year old, speaks;  From
“My dad was actually standing in the kitchen. He was firing through the door through the kitchen and completely missed him. Bullets went all around, except for him. Got lucky.”

Those first shots led to a gunfight.

“I took off, grabbed my gun and got back, and he saw me thorugh the window,” Cooper said. “Shot one more time, and that’s when I shot through the window, and he dropped.”
This is another case that does not fit the "progressive elite" model of murder.  There was no heated argument that led to the attack in a moment of rage, because a gun was available.  This was a planned attack.   The victims saw the attacker approaching, wearing a leather jacket, which seemed unusual.  It is likely that the shotgun was concealed under the jacket.   Fortunately, the veteran was the better shot.   There is no mention of how the attacker was transported to the scene.   Did he walk or was he dropped off close by?

I know this area of Las Vegas.  I have a nephew who lives only a few blocks away.   The area is a mix of small acreages, single family houses, and some apartments.   It is within a mile of the North boundary of Las Vegas, which butts against open desert.   

The North Jones Boulevard and Farm Road Intersection is low center of the map

 The veteran suggests that the shooting might have been prevented if parents locked up  their guns from teenagers.    If his 14 year old brother had been home alone, that would have left him to the mercy of the 15 year old attacker.  There have been many cases where armed teenagers have defended themselves.

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badm0nk3y369 said...

Damn, I live 4 miles down the road from where that happened...

badm0nk3y369 said...

Damn, I live about 4 miles from where that happened near Durango and 95. I always carry on my person while at home after one of my roommate's former friends went psycho on him and threatened to kill both of us a few months back.