Saturday, September 13, 2014

MO: KC Mayor James "Violence is committed by guns." ?

There has been much talk about how "progressives" do not believe in individual responsibility.  There is the stereotype that liberals attribute volitional powers to firearms, that firearms cause violence.   In anticipation of the veto override  of SB656 in Missouri, Mayor Sly James gave a speech in Kansas City, MO.

The transcript from shows:
Violence, the mayor says is committed by guns.
I listened to the video of the speech.  That sentence is not recorded from Mayor James, but is reported as being said by Kerri Stowell of Fox4news.  As I heard it , she said that Mayor James said "Too much violence is committed by guns".

It does not matter  much whether the Mayor said it or if Kerri Stowell misquoted him.  It is a major misuse of the language to say that violence is committed "by" guns instead of "with" guns.   "By guns" attributes agency and volition to guns, a nonsensical statement.   "With guns" correctly attributes agency and volition to the people using the guns.

I see and hear this usage repeatedly.   I do not think it is accidental.  Saying that violence is committed "by guns" removes the volition and responsibility from human hands, and offers a simplistic and irrational solution to a complex problem.   Remove the guns, and you remove the violence.   As with most simplistic solutions to complex problems, it only creates more problems.

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