Sunday, September 21, 2014

OH:Six Shots, Six Misses at Robber? or Not?

In close range gunfights with handguns, it is not uncommon for both participants to fire several shots without anyone being hit.   In this article From, it is written that no injuries were reported:
Police say the suspect pulled out a gun and demanded the victim's wallet.
Once the wallet was turned over, the victim pulled out his own gun and both men pointed the firearms at each other.

Officials say the victim fired about six shots after the suspect refused to put his gun down.


No injuries were reported and no arrests made.
In the video for the story, however, it is mentioned that two people showed up at area hospitals with gunshot wounds.    The assailant who was shot  at, was driven from the scene by a person most assume was a confederate.   If the 60-year-old victim shot at his assailant near the getaway vehicle, then it would make sense for two people to be wounded.  The attack occurred about midnight.

Link to video.

The investigation continues.

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