Thursday, September 18, 2014

OR:72-Year-Old Father Defends Wife, Shoots Son

In Metolius, Oregon, a 72-year-old man used a .38 caliber revolver to defend himself and his wife from a drunken attacker who broke down their bedroom door.   The attacker was their 45 year old son.   

One of the prime weapons in the propaganda campaign to disarm Americans is a theory of homicide in the United States.   I call it the "progressive elite" theory.  

It runs like this:  The majority of people, except for the exceptional elite, are just moments away from committing a criminal homicide.  They have poor impulse control and fly into rages which escalate into homicidal rages if a weapon happens to be present.  For this reason, only  those in the elite, who have become experts in government through the attainment of public office, employment by police agencies, or attendance at ivy league schools, should be allowed access to weapons that might be used when these uncontrollable, emotional fits, strike.

One of the prime supports cited for this theory is the statistic that "most murders are committed by people who know each other", as if that shows the theory to be correct.   But it is simply a non-sequitur, one does not prove the other.  

In the case mentioned above, the son was 6-foot, 240 pounds, and had a long history of violent rages.   He had been in jail and in court numerous times, often having to do with domestic violence.   A person who knew the son summed it up this way, from
Stewart said she believes it was, indeed, self-defense: "I believe if he would have gotten his hands on one of them, they would be dead today, and not Mark - that's my personal opinion."
This illustrates one of the fallacies of the "progressive elite" model of murder.   Just because someone is known, does not mean that they are an ordinary person.  Violent criminals have families.   Drug dealers have suppliers and customers.   Prostitutes have violent clients.  

The vast majority of murderers are not ordinary people, but a tiny minority of violent people that have a long history of violence and disrespect for the persons and property of others.    

The number of people who  know their murderers is also suspect.   If you examine the FBI figures, you find that 44% of the relationships are "unknown", and 12.4% of them are strangers.    21% are "acquaintances, so only 22.6% are close to the people that they murder.  

It is sad that Mark Allen Provence's father was forced to shoot him to protect his wife and himself.   It is sad that Mark Allen died before he was able to learn to control his drinking and violent proclivities.   But it is far better that he died than that his elderly parents were beat, crippled, or killed.

For those who follow the caliber wars, it might be noted that two shots were fired; only one hit the 6-foot, 240 pound, enraged and drunken attacker; the hit was in the chest.   One .38 seems to have been sufficient to stop the attack.

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