Friday, September 12, 2014

SC: Victims takes Robbers Gun, finds Gun was Stolen

I have read thousands of stories of citizens fighting criminals, and usually winning, especially if they are armed.   In very rare cases, the criminal takes a weapon from an armed citizen.   It seems to be a bit more common for a citizen to take a weapon from the criminal.   It makes sense when you consider that the citizen has a lot more to lose than the criminal.  Criminals, by their actions, have shown that they have no concern for the rights of others, so a victim has reason to fear for their life.   Most citizens have no desire to harm others, so criminals know that citizens are less likely to kill them without provocation.  Here is the latest example of a victim taking a gun from a criminal.   The victim is 29 years old, and thought that he was checking out an Xbox One for sale.   From

He was met by two unknown men, one of whom pointed a gun, the report said. The victim wrestled it away from him, the report said.

Keeping the gun, the victim got into his car and drove down Bruce K. Smalls Road as the suspect and the second man ran from the home, the report said.

The victim returned to his home, called authorities, and turned the gun over to deputies, who discovered it had been reported stolen from a Burton home in 2007.
I am sure that the gun's original owner will be glad to get his gun back.  The man who recovered it should be rewarded.

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