Tuesday, September 16, 2014

TX: Dramatic Video of Gunfight

The man attempting the robbery appears to have a pistol gripped shotgun of unknown make.    In the video, it is clear that he hides the shotgun until he starts to attempt the robbery.  

In the narrative, it is unclear exactly what happens next, whether the father pulls out a gun and tells the robber to leave after the daughter is threatened, or whether the father hands the gun to the 20 year old son,  or whether the son takes the gun from the father, and then shoots the robber. 

It seems most likely that the father handed the handgun to the son, who then shoots the robber.

The son fires at the robber, wounding him in the leg.  The robber retreats, but refuses to put down the shotgun, even after the son tells him to do so.  The defensive handgun used is a full sized semi-automatic of unknown make.

It appears that the robber never fires the shotgun.   It would be interesting to know if there was a round in the chamber, if the shotgun was operable, or if it was loaded at all.  Criminals often make fatal mistakes about weapons.  Discipline, training, and practice are not high priorities for most criminals, especially those that rob convenience stores.

When the robber continues to try to shoot at the family, the son fires several more times, killing the robber. 

It is classic to see the son, on video, state what has become so clear, but so politically incorrect:
"It was not wrong, because I was protecting my family."
Here is the link to the video.

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But wait, all of the soccer moms want to protect the nice man with the shotgun!