Thursday, September 25, 2014

CO: CCW Carrier Protects his Dog by Shooting Attacking Dog

In the story, it is clear that the dog that attacked was unsecured and in violation of the law.   The family had been gently warned that their dog might escape.  The  CCW carrier's fears were realized, and he had to use deadly force to save his own, legally restrained, dog.   The dog is referred to as a "lab" but it is clear that it is a mix of some kind.   It was an adopted dog, so its ancestry is not certain.  Most dogs are very territorial; it is not surprising that they will attack other dogs that they view as infringing on their territory.

It is bizarre to see the twist the incident to one in which the defensive shooter is at fault.  

He was also concerned that Clifford might jump the fence, a split rail with mesh wire attached, Raymond Martinez said. Martinez added that he was apologetic at the time. 

"There was no big argument or anything," Martinez said of the earlier encounter. "I said: 'Sorry about that, Clifford is not aggressive.' " 

The deadly Saturday encounter could have been avoided, Martinez said. "In my mind, he could have walked somewhere else," he said.
 The man will not face any charges.  From
COMMERCE CITY, Colo. — The man who shot and killed his neighbor’s family pet during the weekend will not face any criminal charges.
 From the shooter's side, in a later article:

Clifford attacked, Burr said, "he went for his jugular and clamped onto his neck; my husband was unable to separate the two." 

That's when Kevin Burr pulled his handgun and shot Clifford, she said.
Burr said her husband is "distraught" over the incident.
The shooter's wife also denies that he pointed the gun at other people.

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