Wednesday, July 01, 2015

ME: Constitutional Carry Bill Goes to Governor Paul Le Page

LD 652/SP 245, known as the constitutional carry bill, has been passed out of the special appropriations table, been  approved of in the Senate (again) by a 23 to 12 vote, and will now go to Governor Paul Le Page for signature or veto.   It does not appear that the legislature will be in session for three consecutive days in July, so if Governor Le Page does not sign the bill, it will not become law.

Governor Le Page said that he would not sign the bill if it required Maine residents under the age of 21, on active duty, to obtain a concealed carry permit to carry concealed arms.   The bill did not require a permit for people who could legally own a firearm, who were 21 or older.  The bill was modified to meet Governor Le Page's objections.

It is widely believed that the Governor will sign the bill into law.  He will have 10 days, not counting Sundays, to do so.

If Governor Le Page signs the bill, Maine will join Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Wyoming, and Vermont, as constitutional carry, or permitless carry states.  In those states, a permit is not required to carry a weapon, openly or concealed, as was the case in the United States when the Bill of Rights was ratified.  Montana and Mississippi are sometimes counted as constitutional carry states.  In Montana, a permit is not required in 99% of the state; in Mississippi, a permit is not required to carry openly or concealed in a fully enclosed container, such as a purse, bag, backpack, fannypack, or full flap holster.

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Wyoming is residenzler only !