Monday, May 09, 2016

Gun owners should be paranoid about Maine’s background check referendum

In November, Maine’s public will be asked to decide whether lawful owners of firearms should be required to go to a gun dealer, pay a “reasonable fee” and be required to fill out a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Form 4473 to buy or sell a firearm. The referendum’s proponents claim that these requirements are easy, will make us safer, and that this will not be gun registration. Such claims are misleading.

Who will determine the amount of this “reasonable fee”? Why should the owner of lawful property, which he or she may have owned for decades, be suddenly required to pay a fee to sell that property? Anyone who has watched his or her dealer on hold with the ATF for 45 minutes can tell you there is nothing “instant” about the process.

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Anonymous said...

It absolutely is gun registration. the FFL holder is required to keep those form 4473s as long as he is in business and if he goes out of business he has to turn all of his records over to BATFE. Any time the ATF wants to look for a particular gun or gun type they send out circulars for any information on that particular kind of gun. When the FBI was looking for Bundy I received a request for all sales of bulldog models. That request went out to all FFL license holders. They did not ask if I had sold a gun to anyone matching his description or name they wanted everything. I never did sell a 44cal bulldog so I ignored the request. What would have happened to a person that had their bulldog stolen? and being used by Bundy. How many people have been killed by police storming the wrong address? the bastards ever storm my home and kill my dog. I'll be taking care of business.