Friday, July 08, 2016

Open Carry Celebration at Fourth of July Marches in Michigan

Michigan Open Carry took part in two Fourth of July parades on Independence day in 2016.  Michigan Open Carry has been one of the most active and successful Second Amendment support groups in the nation.  It is simple acts such as these that show public support for Second Amendment rights.  Here is a report from Johnny Roehrig, Vice President of Michigan Open Carry, Inc. From Michigan Open Carry facebook page:
Yesterday, Michigan Open Carry, Inc. took part in two Independence Day Parades!! One being in Cohactah Twp. and the other in Fowlerville.

These parades are a great venue for us to "kill a few birds with one stone." Meaning, it allows us the opportunity to honor Independence Day, to honor those Men and Women who have died fighting, who are actively fighting or who have returned home from fighting for our rights. It gives us the opportunity to meet with the public and put a face to the name. It gets our Organization's name out there and we can pass out literature.

There is really nothing to lose and everything to gain from attending events like these.

A Special Thank You to Cohactah Twp. and Fowlerville for having us out and to our Southeast Region Coordinators for setting these up. Also, Thank You to those volunteers who walked with us. We can't do this without you!

If something like this interests you or you have an idea for an event, please contact us at
 We are seeing more and more of these events all across the nation.  Open carryis legal in 45 states.  It is likely that Florida and South Carolina will become open carry states soon.  That will leave only the three centers of anti-Second Amendment money and organization without open carr; California, Illinois, and New York City.  Washington D.C. is not a state, but it should be dishonorable mention.

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ExPatNJ said...

Would members of the pro-2A community PLEASE stop lumping New Jersey in with 'open carry' states!

I am a former resident of that gun-owners hell. I have to report that, despite whatever is written in legal statues, all practical aspects of open/concealed carry, and transport of firearms, is essentially forbidden in Nazi Jerzey.

I DARE ANYONE to 'open carry' on ANY street in ANY location, especially larger cities like Newark, New Brunswick, Jersey City, Camden, Trenton, and Atlantic City.

PD _WILL_ conduct a Felony Stop of you, and arrest you - despite any protests you might try to make as to your so-called 'Right' to 'open carry' there. Then, you too, will rot in jail - like Stuart Prescott - and, NO 'judge' will even let you use the exemptions in the law (that you think allow your 'open carry') as a defense!

I wish it weren't so. Don't believe me? Contact premier firearms attorney Evan Nappen and ask him.