Friday, September 02, 2016

Pricing Gun Owners Out of Their Constitutional Rights

The war on the Second Amendment is becoming all about cost.

Realizing it’s far easier to make exercising one’s Second Amendment right prohibitively expensive than it is to revoke that right entirely, liberals across America are finding ways to increase the cost of gun ownership.

California is the latest state to jack up the cost of freedom beyond the reach of the average American. The California Assembly sent a bill to Gov. Jerry Brown Tuesday which would allow cities and counties to raise the cost of concealed carry permits beyond their current $100 limit.
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Anonymous said...

It goes to a basic concept of our constitution, equal rights , equal representation ,if it is too expensive for some and to cheap for others it is unconstitutional. The simple fact is you can not regulate a right , you can not tax a right and you can not license a right. Government never gave us any rights. the framers told those that would serve in government what our rights are before the government was created. If you can not serve in government with the proper respect for our rights you have no business in government. When Americans finally learn to stand up and say NO, no more corruption. No more ignoring of the constitutional mandates placed on government by the constitution the framers created we will get our constitution back. Ignoring the constitution is a crime against this nation and its people. If you really expect to get your rights back you must read and study the constitution to be a responsible adult. How can you demand your rights if you do not understand what they are and why they exist. I do not step on your toes and you do not step on mine and we coexist. My preferences may not be your preferences we have to accept equality before we can practice equality. I drink my coffee with cream and sugar some people only drink coffee with cream or sugar and some people only drink coffee black. those that drink coffee black do not get to tax cream or sugar just be cause they do not use them. some one care to tell me why government has its own health care system and we get Obama care? where in the constitution does it give government the right to have a separate health care system? and we have to pay for it. Why is government so big because those in government need to create jobs for friends and family. It is a form of corporate welfare. the boss's grand son is not worth the powder to blow him up and gets a job in the corporation as a vice president if necessary the corporation creates a department of closet cleaning that a vice president will over see. Many government agencies produce no fruit and our taxes still keep that department funded. every vice president needs a health salary and an expense account. A good CEO trims the corporate budget and his grand son can get the job he is qualified for in another business. Trump is a proven good CEO. Yes he employs family but they are filling position he needs and they are qualified for. the cronyism will stop if Trump is elected and that is what the elites fear. I'll pay for my cream and sugar but I will not pay a tax because the black coffee drinking crowd want to discriminate by creating a tax they know they will never have to pay. I do not believe that any form of taxing on second amendment issues is constitutional. I will go without any license or permits because I believe in saying NO and I am prepared to defend my NO!!! How many years did animals exist in the wild before the department of game and fish was invented? Why do we need special stamps to fish or hunt? I have an eating disorder when I see food I eat it. If I want food sometimes I have to hunt or fish for it. I cannot see what fish is going to take my bait. common sense tells the hunter not to shoot the doe. difficult to make a population grow if all the females are killed. I am not against government I am against corrupt government.