Friday, May 17, 2013

A Formation of Liberators

It seems like the verdict is in State Department’s attempt to do to DEFCAD what the DOJ is doing to the Associated (with terrorists!) Press and the IRS is doing to just about anybody who voices a word of criticism. And, while the East German judge gave the tactic an inexplicable 9, the Free World judges have some other things to say about USG’s attempt to stamp out 3D printing of gun parts.

Let’s start with a Liberator rendered on an older 3D Systems Cube, which is kind of like the Easy-Bake Oven of 3D printers.


Liberator printed on a 3D Systems Cube.

Liberator printed on a 3D Systems Cube.

Liberator rendered on a Printrbot [stet].

Liberator rendered on a Printrbot [stet]. Click any of the pictures to embiggen ‘em.

Then we’ll have a look at the way one comes out from a Printrbot. The Printrbot is even less expensive that the Cube, and doesn’t need high-$ proprietary feedstock, but it’s more complicated to set up. You can buy it as a complete printer or a kit, and there’s even a portable, battery-powered version.  The smallest and simplest Printerbot kit (which you couldn’t build a Liberator on) sells for only $300.

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