Friday, May 17, 2013

WI:Man recovering from black bear attack

--When I roam the northwoods of Wisconsin, I carry a gun. In my case, it is loaded for bear.

SILVER CLIFF - A man is said to be recovering after he was attacked by a black bear in Marinette County, and his wife killed the animal by pounding a gun over its head.

Authorities said Gerre Ninnemann saw the bear running after his dog near his cabin at Silver Cliff yesterday. The bear tackled Ninnemann after a chase, and was biting-and-clawing at his back before he ran away. Sheriff’s deputies said he was mauled again. In the meantime, his wife Marie took out a gun but she didn’t know how to load it. So she pounded the weapon over the bear’s head, which let her husband escape. She then pointed the gun at the animal, as the couple backtracked into their cabin. A Marinette County deputy later killed the bear. There was no immediate word on Ninnemann’s condition. The bear was taken to Madison for a necropsy. A state DNR official said the animal was only a year old. Supervisor John Huff says there have only been a few bear attacks of people in Wisconsin in the last few decades.



Wireless.Phil said...

The wife didn't kill the bear, the law did the job.

Woman Clubs Bear With Shotgun to Stop Attack (video)

A Wisconsin man escaped a bear's hold after his wife intervened with an empty shotgun.

Wireless.Phil said...

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Dean Weingarten said...

Thanks for the link, Phil.

It appears the first account was incomplete and contradictory.

Not too unusual for early reporting.

Always nice to see more accurate accounts of these events.