Wednesday, May 22, 2013

VCDL Takes on the Petersburg VA Circuit Court Clerk For Not Doing Her Job

Covington VA --( The Petersburg Circuit Court Clerk, Shalva J. Braxton, is refusing to do her job.

She is not following Virginia law when issuing CHPs, so VCDL is petitioning the Virginia Supreme Court to issue a Writ of Mandamus against Ms. Braxton!

(A Writ of Mandamus is where the Supreme Court orders a government official to do their job in cases where the official has no discretion under Virginia law.)

This all started when VCDL was notified by member Michael McNeill that Ms. Braxton’s office was requiring CHP applicants to take a check for $35 and their application to the Petersburg Police Department. Then, when the background check was completed, the applicant was to go to Ms. Braxton’s office and give her a check for $15. On top of that violation of law, renewals through the mail were not allowed by Ms. Braxton.

The law is clear: only one check is to be provided and it is to be given to the Clerk or an agent of the Clerk. It is also clear that a CHP holder can renew their application through the mail.

more here at Ammoland

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