Friday, May 24, 2013

FL:Gun, drug texts feature in new Trayvon Martin shooting evidence

(CNN) -- Items taken from Trayvon Martin's cell phone -- including text-message discussion of drug use and pictures of a gun and marijuana plants -- are among new details released Thursday by attorneys for the neighborhood watch volunteer accused of killing him without provocation 14 months ago.

The evidence, George Zimmerman's attorneys say, paints a different picture of the 17-year-old than the one portrayed by his family and supporters. Lead defense attorney Mark O'Mara says he will try to use the evidence if prosecutors attempt to attack Zimmerman's character during his trial on second-degree murder charges, set to begin next month.

Much of the evidence disclosed Thursday in filings by Zimmerman's attorneys comes from Trayvon's cell phone, including photos showing a semiautomatic pistol and ammunition and small marijuana plants growing in pots.

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