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Combat in and around vehicles

I do not think that the elite in this country has any idea of the caliber of men and women that they are constantly poking with a stick, with their infringements on the Bill of Rights.

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Update: to be clear, this article is from, where poster Vandil gives a review of the Combat in and Around Vehicles course that he attended in northern Wisconsin, and comments on his review.

The first link is to the inquiry that Vandil posted on that led to his attendance at the course. The source link is at the end of the article.

Combat in and around vehicles

After 2 months of snow delays I recently completed the vehicle combat training class I posted inquiries about last November.

The class was a solo student course lead by Firearms Iinstructor and assisted (ammo bitched) by an experienced IDPA\Highpower competitor.

The course curriculum was very in depth and complete. Ranging from at your door assaults, engagement ranges and choices, vehicles as cover, vehicles as weapons, point shooting, moving targets, moving shooter, moving vehicles, window shooting, cross passenger compartment engagement, vehicle egress, vehicle hard points, glass deflection, under vehicle shooting, equipment tricks, and hand to hand with pistol attacks.

We covered multiple scenarios, over multiple courses, using multiple weapons including AR-15 pistol/rifle engagements, and vehicles.

Friendly targets were mixed in through the hostiles, engagements ranged from 2ft to 80yrds. Targets were fired on using both hands, strong hand, and off hand.

All the targets were wearing T-shirts which was a nice touch.

I went through 200rnds .45acp, 200rnds 9mm, 150rnds 5.56mm and learned more than I could possible write down. I had several revelations during the day that changed completely how I looked at certain scenarios and how I would react if presented with them today.

Highlight of the day was probably completing a fast moving left handed course, brass rolling off the roof, and turning on the windshield wipers to clear 40 rnds of brass off the vehicle.

Cleaning up I found brass everywhere including jammed in my intake vents, radiator, roof rack, and rear bumper. I've still got brass rolling around under the seats and powder burns on my mirrors and hood.

My BDU's didn't survive, leaving with the bottom of my left leg half ripped off and 2 nice holes in the other leg.

Easily the most informative and fun training class I've taken so far.

Having an experienced mag monkey was also great as the flow of full magazines was non stop and no time was wasted reloading mags.
Just wanted to say thanks, that was a great training class I'd take it again any day.


"Sounds like a great time. Boy, that was a lot of ammo in one day. I would have loved to just be able to watch the class."

Firearms Instructor:

"If any one is interested in doing similar training or other firearms training. I am a certified pistol, rifle, and shotgun instructor.

With decades of instructing experience, from basic firearm to advance tactics back by 33 years of LEO experience and tactical training.

Feel free to PM and we will work something out."

ccwinstructor: I have known Firearms Instructor for decades


"When you know someone so well, and have been active codefenders of Constitutional rights for so long, it may be hard to be objective.

He is an excellent instructor who takes his craft very seriously. He is a better shot than I am and much better at hand to hand. I do *write* better than he does, but that is because of differences of emphasis and practice. Firearms instruction has been a side business to me for 15 years. It has been an essential part of his profession for more than 30.

He has the added benefit of being an active hunter, of having actually killed hundreds of big game animals in the field. He knows and understands terminal ballistics. I only wish that I had his abilities with a shotgun, and I have been an active shotgun wing shooter for 47 years. Do you remember the Beverly Hillbillies, when Jed and Jethro were shooting flies (on the wing, with rifles) in their driveway? He has deliberately shot flies (with a rifle) that landed on his target at 200 yards. I think he once got three in a row.

If you go for this training, do not expect him to give demonstrations to impress you. He will be all business, working hard to give you the best value for your hard earned money.

I doubt that there are any other people and places that combine the private property with the physical capabilities of conducting this training safely and the level of expertise and experience offered.

I know the "mag monkey" as well. If you had to pay his going rate, the class would have tripled in price. He is a national level competitor, and Firearms Instructor has been his mentor.

I am proud to call both of them friends and brothers in the gun culture. I would trust either one of them with my life."

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