Friday, May 24, 2013

MI:Fallen Officer’s Daughter Stabbed in Barn

CASTLETON TWP, Mich.- Wednesday, 26-year-old Samantha Minehart was stabbed while feeding the horse in her family’s barn. Police were called to the home for reports of a stabbing and gunshots fired around 11 a.m. Police set up a perimeter, but the suspect was not found.

The Minehart Family says this is the 3rd time they’ve had to call police because there were strange people outside their home. One time, it ended with Samantha’s Fiancé being punched.

Patty Minehart, Samantha’s mother, described Wednesday’s attack, “He just told her don’t do anything stupid when he had the knife around her neck.”

There are marks where Samantha had the knife held to her neck. She was stabbed in the stomach and leg resulting in 11 stitches. Samantha says the man left as she fired two shots, missing him both times. Patty says Samantha was carrying a gun because they’ve had problems before.

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