Monday, May 20, 2013

Swiss Vetterli Carbine from 1800's turned in at Phoenix Gun Turn in (buyback)

Swiss Vetterli Carbine Circa 1870

This Vetterli carbine was turned in very early on May 18, 2013, at the Phoenix gun turn in event. I photographed it on the turn in table at about 8:09 am. I cannot Identify it further, and this is the only picture that I have. Does anyone know if this is an original carbine, or is it a later conversion? The rifle was manufactured about 1870.

Dean Weingarten


Anonymous said...

I have three of these rifles, two are rimfire and the third is centerfire. The rimfire rifles were used by the military and the centerfire ones were intended for civilian use. Though all of mine are approximately the same length I would assume the carbine version would be military and therefore rimfire.

Anonymous said...

This was originally a long rifle but it appears to be a legitimate Swiss military conversion rather than a bubba job.