Thursday, May 16, 2013

Texas CHL permits will soar

At the end of last year Texas had 584,850 permit holders.  Reducing the number of training hours to obtain or renew a permit from 10 hours to 4 to 6 hours will dramatically increase the number of permit holders (a copy of the bill is here).  The exact increase in permits depends on how the final regulations on training are drafted, but it could increase the number of permits to over 750,000.  Reducing the number of hours will reduce the cost of permits, and that will increase both the number of permit holders but also the share of permits held by poorer individuals.  The $140 fee for permits will still make Texas' permits among the most expensive in the country. Texas is still relatively unique in requiring retraining for renewal -- eliminating that would have a dramatic effect on the number of permits.

Source John Lott Here

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Bob S. said...

A hidden cost of the 10-12 hours training class is the additional costs it entails for many people.

Single parents need a baby sitter for a long day; that costs.

Some people either need several nights off or a single day off from work; many can't afford that.

Reducing the training time will make the permits more affordable from the time investment. Never mind the lower fees that Instructors will be charging also.