Wednesday, May 22, 2013

AZ:Tea Party Exercises First and Second Amendment Rights in IRS Protest

Four Armed Colorado River Tea Party Members Exercise Their Rights

About 50 people showed up at high noon in Yuma to exercise their First and Second Amendment rights. A common theme among the Tea Party members was that using the machinery of government to suppress dissent and political opposition is the very essence of tyranny.

Signs varied from "Shut Down the IRS" to "We will not be Intimidated" to "Obama IRS Tyrant!" to "Congress disregards the Constitution it's up to us to do something"

About 50 Protesters Showed up.

I counted nearly 40, and several joined the group over the next 15 minutes. The mood of the crowd was upbeat, looking forward to the 2014 elections, but weary of 5 years of the current administration and its scandals. In Yuma, the Fast and Furious scandal has been known for years, in spite of being played down in the national press.

A protester said that he wanted to see people go to jail.

The Gadsden flag and the American flag were prominently displayed.

One Protester wore this Fancy Single Action Rig based on the 3:10 to Yuma Movie

At least six open carriers were seen, with several people telling me that they were carrying concealed. A conservative estimate would be that at least 20 percent of the protesters were armed with firearms.

Tea Party members favored revolvers, and no rifles or shotguns were seen.

As could be expected for a protest organized in only a few days and held during the middle of the work week, many protesters appeared to be of retirement age.

Traffic on the street signaled their appreciation of the protest with honking horns and waving hands.

Unlike a pre-election rally, no discouraging signs were seen from the traffic passing by.

The event was well covered by local media.

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