Monday, May 27, 2013

Austrailan Police Produce Anti-3D Printed Pistol Video

Image from Defense Distributed

Australian police in New South Wales have printed out two versions of the liberator 3D printed pistol and tested them to destruction. No technical details of the testing were released, just videos of the guns blowing up. The video does not show any cartridges used, nor does it detail the type of plastic used.

These are critical elements for anyone trying to actually understand what happened. Without this information, the video is just political theater, propaganda designed to frighten timid people away from this technology.

Compare the test fire shown in the New South Wales video with that shown in the recent video from the Defense Distributed web site.

It is clear that the New South Wales produced pistols use a different plastic; that the pins are plastic instead of the metal ones in the Wisconsin Lulz design, and that the resolution on the New South Wales design is significantly coarser than on the Lulz produced product.

The New South Wales serves as a useful reminder that all homemade firearms should be function tested remotely before use.

Link to New South Wales Police Video

Link to Video from Defense Distributed on the Lulz produced gun.

Dean Weingarten

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