Tuesday, May 21, 2013

AZ:Sharon buys a Makarov at the Phoenix Turn in (buyback)

Sharon at the Phoenix Gun Turn In

Sharon came to the gun turn in at the Sunnyslope Mennonite Church in Phoenix, looking for a pistol for self defense. She shoots at Shooters World, and intends to take the pistol there to have it checked out. She has children in the Army, and she expects that they will go to the desert for some family fun with their firearms.

Sharon said "We should have weapons to protect our families and homes."

Sharon's Makarov

The pistol that she obtained, a Russian made Makarov in .380 ACP, was in excellent condition with an extra magazine.

Sharon paid $80 for it, a bargain. Later, she passed on bidding for a $50 shotgun so that another buyer could purchase it for his child. She believes that teaching children how to handle guns safely is important.

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AZ:Phoenix Gun Turn in (buyback) The Rolling Gun Show

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