Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beretta Leaving Maryland After Gov. Mandates Strict Gun Control Laws

On Friday, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley signed into law the state’s comprehensive new gun control laws. The new laws, the stated purpose of which is to “save lives,” ban some “assault weapons” (whatever the heck gun grabbers think those imaginary weapons are), limits magazine capacity to ten rounds, and requires mandatory fingerprinting for gun purchase.

The first two prohibitions prove definitely that Maryland has no interest in “saving lives.” If it did, it would have paid attention to the fact that the Department of Justice has issued a report conceding that crime goes down when legal gun ownership goes up.

The legislation would make illegal the company’s ARX 100, which is Beretta’s newly issued civilian version of the ARX-160, a tactical rifle used in Italy

The magazine size limit also puts Beretta in a legal bind. For several of the guns in its product line, Beretta would no longer be able to stock appropriate, standard capacity magazines. While this wouldn’t necessarily force Beretta to close, it would complicate Beretta’s corporate life to the point of “why bother?”.

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