Friday, May 24, 2013

Florida Carry sues Daytona Beach for its Anti-Gun policies.

Today Florida Carry, Inc., filed an action to stop Daytona Beach's illegal practice of refusing to return firearms to people, including veterans, who were Baker Acted but found to be no danger to themselves or others. For too long, many jurisdictions throughout Florida have refused to follow the law. In 2009 the Florida Attorney General made clear in an opinion that the continued detention of firearms after a person was released without being found to be a danger to themselves or others was prohibited by Florida law. Despite the clear instruction from the Attorney General and the legal prohibition on creating their own firearms rules since 1987, these individuals and agencies who have sworn to uphold the law, have instead violated the law and the Constitutional rights of law-abiding Florida gun owners. It is time to hold these jurisdictions responsible and require that these people in authority follow the laws they swore an oath to uphold and enforce.

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Daytona Beach Weapons Charge Lawyer said...

When I was a prosecutor in Daytona we would frequently get requests from the defendants in cases that were dropped to release weapons held by police.