Monday, May 20, 2013

AZ:Police Race to Waste Resources

Where is the difficulty? If they do not process the firearms (a dubious use of resources at best), the firearms are sold and the police department obtains additional resources to use to stretch tax dollars. It appears to be a win-win. Who came up with the silly idea of destroying the guns in a deodand ritual in any case?

Phoenix police are in a race against time in processing guns that the city purchased at recent gun buyback events.

A new Arizona law that hasn't yet taken effect bars cities and counties from destroying guns turned over to police at buyback events and instead requires that the guns be resold.

The Arizona Republic reports ( that Phoenix's program brought in 979 weapons in two sessions earlier this month and an additional 937 guns on Saturday.

The law will go into effect 90 days after the legislative session ends, which could be any day. Police are already struggling to process the weapons in their possession, and the influx of an additional 937 guns will make it even more difficult to move the weapons through the system before the deadline.

That leaves the program's supporters facing the prospect of forcing police to sell the weapons they are now buying from the public.

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