Tuesday, January 21, 2014

AL:More Detail on Dollar Store Shooting

New details are emerging in the investigation into a shooting at a Dallas County dollar store that ended with a gunman dead at the hands of a customer who decided to take action.


There was another sign on the doors of the business stating that open carry of a weapon was not allowed inside the store. According to the sheriff, the Ellis' gun was concealed and inside a holster. His investigators are confirming whether Ellis has a valid concealed carry permit.


 Jackson confirmed that Marlo Ellis, the customer who used deadly force, is facing charges of rape in the second degree and enticing a child for immoral purposes, stemming from a 2013 investigation involving a girl under the age of 16. Court documents state that Ellis picked the victim up at a school basketball game and drove her to his house where they had sex. The district attorney said Ellis' sex case is on the trial docket for February. He has been out of jail on bond.

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