Wednesday, January 15, 2014

OR:Mass Shooting Stoped by Armed Citizen

A mass shooter forgot the important functional rule for successful mass murderers: only attack in disarmed victim zones, sometimes called "gun free zones".   From

The shooter hit three people, prompting a person in the bar to return fire, hitting and critically injuring the suspect.

"The shooter came in and just started shooting without any kind of warning," victim Gonzalo Zamora-Hernandeza told KGW Monday.

Brian Rizzo, a 26-year-old security guard from the club, was hit by the shooter at the front door and was still in critical condition with life-threatening injuries Monday.
Fortunately, Oregon is does not prohibit citizens from legally being armed in places that serve alcohol.   As indicated by the map, only a few states do.

One can ask, as the opponents of the second amendment always say that armed citizens never stop rampage shootings, why is this incident not front page news around the nation?   In fact it is one of a number of incidents where armed citizens stopped mass shooters before the number of victims became large enough to fit into the "official" category of mass shooting.   The official metric of a mass shooting requires a minimum of four dead victims, not including the shooter.

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