Friday, January 17, 2014

AZ: Second Online Poll Hammers Those in Favor of Citizen Disarmament

Second amendment supporters at Arizona Capitol in 2013

A recent poll from the Seattle Times ran through the blogosphere with decidedly positive results for second amendment activists.   In spite of splitting the second amendment supporters with two answers, the total came with 79% in favor of a strict reading of the second amendment (no infringements) and 18 percent in favor of the status quo.   Only 7% were for increased restrictions on second amendment rights, even worded as a "background check" measure.

It appears that many people have been educated and have become more sophisticated in their understanding of the law and the issues in the year following the tragedy at Newtown.

Now, following a shooting in Glendale, Arizona, is running another poll.   The shooting in Glendale involved a former Marine.  The Marine fired a pistol at an accused shoplifter after a gun was pulled on a store security person, and then pointed at the Marine.   The Marine's wife was coming out of the store and about to become involved in the dangerous scenario.    Four shots were fired, the miscreants fled on a motorcycle, the gun turned out to be a fake, and no one was hurt.

Again,  we have three answers in the poll: two rather positive for those who believe  in protecting themselves, and one devoted to trusting the authorities to protect you.   Again, the answers supportive of self defense and the second amendment are hammering those opposed.

Here is the question and the current results:
 Should Arizona citizens be able to use lethal force to protect people they think are in danger?

Yes, it's the right thing to do.                        
No, they should alert the authorities.                                            16.53%

A person should only use lethal force if they themselves are in danger.   25.19%
 Here is a link to the poll

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Anonymous said...

Bad news for those who despise the Commonsense Civil Right of Self-Defense.