Friday, January 10, 2014

Scott Whitlock: Gun Companies "Merchants of Death" Wrong Again

The old media constantly puts out the discredited Marxist theory that arms manufacturers are "merchants of death" ginning up war and murder in order to make a profit.   No matter how many times this has been shown to be false, it is nice to see another counter example.  This article gives media quotes, and is worth reading. 

A Utah-based gun manufacturer turned down a $15 million contract with Pakistan in the name of keeping weapons from falling into the hands of America's enemies. ABC, CBS and NBC, networks that routinely demonize the firearms industry and promote gun control, ignored this positive story. Only Fox News highlighted Desert Tech's decision to put the troops before profit.

Fox and Friends co-anchor Brian Kilmeade on Tuesday explained, "Fifteen million is a lot of money. But for this Utah gun manufacturing company, it represents more than a year of solid business." [See video below. MP3 audio here.] He added, "So, you think they would jump at the chance to make 15 million bucks in one day. But the guys at Desert Tech said no because the weapons were headed to Pakistan."

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